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Pressure Manifolds and Indicators

Pressure manifold

Pressure manifold

Instrumentation Manifolds for 2600T Pressure Transmitters M26

ABB has decades of experience in the manufacturing of pressure transmitters. To facilitate and simplify the installation of pressure transmitters we have selected a complete range of instrumentation manifolds that will perfectly fit on ABB pressure transmitters.

ABB new manifold line is characterized by an advantageous relationship between quality and price which enables customers to find a reliable solution that matches our evolutionary high-accuracy pressure transmitter. 

NACE MR 01-03 (for sour refining environments) compliance as a standard, high quality manufacturing and traceability in line with ABB Quality standards make the new M26 manifold line the perfect fit for the 2600T pressure transmitters. Moreover, ABB manifold bracket kits offer full transmitter support and easy mounting. 

With these new installation solutions, ABB aims to offer a better service to its users in the process instrumentation market.

Pressure indicator

Pressure indicator

Multivariable Field Indicator 264IB

The Multivariable Field Indicator 264IB is an accessory device of the 2600T Series covered by multiple agency approvals (including ATEX-FISCO and FM) for intrinsically safe and explosion proof applications with full compliance to hazardous area requirements.

FOUNDATION Fieldbus field indicator

  •  up to 8 H1 variables 
  • one selectable host variable 

FOUNDATION Fieldbus blocks 

  • 2 enhanced PID blocks 
  • 1 arithmetic block 
  • 1 input selector block 
  • 1 control selector block 

LAS backup capability

Pressure indicator

Pressure indicator

Field Indicator JDF200

The JDF200 Field Indicator is an easy-to-install and efficient solution to enable remote process variable visualization.

With an easy-to-read, wide-screen LCD display, the JDF200 Field Indicator provides flexible configuration capabilities. The intuitive and user-friendly “Easy setup” menu allows the operators in the field to interact with the device without training and all needed parameters can be set in a few, guided steps. 

In addition, the JDF200 can be equipped with unique ABB TTG (Through-The-Glass) keypad technology which allows quick and easy local configuration without the need to open the windowed front cover. Think about configuring a device in explosion proof environments: closed cover means quick, easy and safe field operations. 

This ABB Field Indicator is compatible with all 4-20 mA, 2-wire systems and therefore it is applicable in all industry sectors where flow, level, density, pressure, temperature and heat transfer rate remote measurements are needed.