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Conductivity Transmitters

Conductivity Analyzer

Conductivity Analyzer

Conductivity Transmitters

ABB conductivity analyzers are designed to meet the most exacting requirements of our valued customers. The extensive range covers 2 and 4-wire analyzers and single or dual-input devices.

Our hazardous area certifications embrace FM, CSA and CENELEC ATEX intrinsic safety. Instruments are available with HART, Profibus PA or DP, and Foundation Fieldbus communications capabilities.

2-Electrode Contacting Cells - Range 0 to 10,000 µS/cm 

  • High accuracy technique for trace conductivities from ultrapure water to industrial rinse waters. An alternating current is passed between two electrodes in contact with a solution. The transmitter converts the resultant potential difference into conductivity, concentration or specific resistance.

4-Electrode Contacting Cells - Range 0 to 2,000 mS/cm

  • Auto-compensating technology for high level conductivity and concentration measurements in high-coating processes. Provides an alarm when cleaning is required.

Electrodeless sensors - Range 0 to 2,000 mS/cm

  • Non-contact technique providing immunity to polarisation, oily fouling and non-conducting coatings until gross fouling occurs. Measurement of the magnitude of induced current into a closed loop of solution using two embedded toroids.

United States Pharmacopœia <645> 

  • Traceable calibration instruments for WFI and PW processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Conductivity Analyzer

Conductivity Analyzer

2-wire conductivity, pH/ORP pION transmitter

The intrinsically safe AWT210 two-wire universal transmitter is a single-channel device for the measurement and control of pH, ORP or conductivity in hazardous and non-hazardous area applications.

Operation simplicity is a key feature of the AWT210 with intuitive software, advanced self-diagnostics and its innovative plug-and-play modular design that enables users to achieve increased levels of efficiency through reduced process downtime.

The AWT210 offers the power of advanced digital communications in a simple, flexible design, enabling you to get up and running quickly.

  • 'Easy Setup' sensor configuration menus provide step-by-step guidance
  • Advanced self-diagnostics conforming to NAMUR NE 107 provide harmonized indication of device status
  • Multi-level security access prevents unauthorized modifications to transmitter configuration and calibration
  • One-Button sensor calibration saves time and money spent on routine maintenance
  • Common universal design for pH, ORP or conductivity measurement
  • Plug-and-play sensor and communication modules minimize stock holding and maximize operation uptime available with PROFIBUS™ PA, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus™ or HART™ communications

Conductivity Analyzer

Conductivity Analyzer

Universal 4-wire, dual-input transmitter

The AWT420 dual-channel transmitter provides true flexibility for measuring a wide variety of parameters in a single device. Packed with a host of features including Bluetooth® connectivity, dual PID control and EZ-Link™ sensor connection, water analysis has never been easier.

The AWT420 transmitter can be used with either analog or digital EZLink sensors for a wide range of applications including drinking water, wastewater, industrial water and power.

Operation simplicity is a key feature of the AWT420 with its powerful, yet intuitive software, advanced self-diagnostics and its unique modular design that enables users to achieve increased efficiency through greater user flexibility, reduced process downtime and simplified maintenance.

With integrated Bluetooth you can securely connect to any iOS or Android device using the EZLink connect app to easily access essential sensor information. From checking your audit logs to downloading the latest software through your smartphone, we are confident that EZLink connect will make your life that little bit easier by providing you with a wealth of information and services to support you wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Plug-and-play universal modular design
  • 'Easy Setup' menus provide step-by-step guidance
  • Multi-level security access prevents unauthorized modification of process control data
  • Secure data archiving to an SD card
  • Direct connection to your smart device
  • HART, Ethernet, PROFIBUS or MODBUS digital communications
  • Wall-, panel- or pipe-mountable

Conductivity Analyzer

Conductivity Analyzer

Conductivity sensors

Our broad range of conductivity cells encompasses three measuring techniques: 2-electrode cells for µS/cm ranges 4 and 6 electrode sensors for mS/cm ranges non-contact, electrode-less sensors. Multi-electrode and electrode-less (toroidal) sensors tend to be used for applications with aggressive chemicals or where there can be sensor coating or fouling.